Golden view is a condominium development of 120 apartments.  Some apartments have permanent residents but many are holiday lets.  Your apartment is 330 which is on floor 3 (UK second floor).  There are two modern lifts to take you to floor 3.  Turn right as you exit the lift and 330 is the last apartment.  All apartments are clearly numbered.

The apartment has two twin beds which can be combined to make a large 6 ft king size bed.  There is an en-suite bathroom with a bath tub with shower above, wash hand basin and WC.  There is also a substantial walk-in wardrobe with ample hanging space and drawers.

The living room has a large 6 seater settee and a dining table seating four people.  Further seating and dining is available on the balcony where there is a table with 4 chairs and two arm chairs and coffee table.  From the balcony you can see the sea and it overlooks the mature gardens and swimming pool.

The kitchen is compact but well equipped.  It has a fridge, an electric cooker and microwave.  There are the usual crockery, glasses, cutlery and cookware, a coffee filter machine and cafetière.



In Barbados the electricity is 110 volt and plugs are the American style flat pin.  If you are coming from the UK you will need adaptors to charge any devices you bring with you.  There is no need to bring a hair dryer as one is provided for you.  You can find it in the chest of drawers in the bedroom.

The electricity supply in Barbados is usually very reliable.  However, should you have a power cut there are torches in the bedside table.



There is a telephone and all local calls are free.  To get an outside line dial 9 followed by the number.  The switchboard will answer incoming calls and direct them to you.  You cannot make international calls from the apartment phone.  For incoming calls, the number for Golden View is (246) 537 4653.

If you want to use a mobile (cell) phone in Barbados, you can purchase a SIM card from the local providers.  There are two providers on the island FLOW and Digicel.  Pay as you go data packages are also available at reasonable rates.



The TV in the apartment only shows local channels.  For your convenience we have provided a DVD player and a selection of DVDs.



The apartment has its own high-speed WiFi service and the password is in the handbook. There is also a wifi system which is available in the communal areas such as the library, reception area and around the pool.



The apartment is usually quite cool and there are ceiling fans in all rooms.  In case it is very hot an energy efficient AC unit has been installed in the bedroom for your use.  In the interest of energy conservation, we would ask guests to use this sparingly.  Remember to close the windows and doors when using the AC.  Please remember to turn off fans, lights and the AC when you leave the apartment.

A motion sensor is fitted to the AC to avoid wasteful use.



Hot and cold water are supplied communally to all the apartments.  There is an ample supply of hot water (take care as it may be very hot).  The water supply is potable and our water throughout Barbados is safe to drink.  If you prefer bottled water it is available to purchase in the supermarket.



Your apartment will be thoroughly cleaned before you arrive.  Mops, brooms and a Hoover are provided for your use and some basic cleaning products will also be provided in the broom cupboard in the kitchen.

If you require a cleaner during your stay this can be arranged but will be charged.  If you require a cleaning service let us know what you require and we can put you in touch with a maid.  You should pay the maid directly.



There is a bin under the sink.  When it is full place all rubbish in a black bin bag and store it in the bin store outside the apartment.  The bin store is cleared regularly usually on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

We encourage you to recycle any glass, tins and plastic bottles if possible.  These can be deposited in the recycling bins in the car park.



The apartment will be provided with clean linen and towels.  A change of bedding and towels is provided and is located in the drawers under the bed.  Two beach towels are provided for your use so there is no need to bring your own.



There is a launderette on site which is located on the same floor as the apartment near to the stairs. The machines are coin operated and a load of washing will cost $5.00 BDS and the dryer is the same price.



There is 24 hour security at Golden View.  From 7 am – 10 pm there will be reception staff at the front desk and out of hours a security guard is on duty.  There are CCTV cameras around the development and a night time patrol.

Barbados is a relatively safe country, but it is sensible to observe normal precautions with your valuables and personal safety.

We provide a safe which is located in the walk in wardrobe area.  Please use it for your valuables, passports etc.

Safe operating instructions.

  1. Open the safe door
  2. Press the reset button located on the left side of the battery compartment. The lock will beep twice and the yellow light will blink twice.
  3. Enter your new 3 – 8 digit passcode followed by A or B. The lock will beep twice and the yellow light will blink twice. (Note after pressing the reset button your passcode must be programmed within 10 seconds or it will not be accepted)
  4. To close the safe, push the door shut and turn the knob key anti-clockwise fully into the locked position
  5. To open the safe, enter your passcode followed by A or B and turn the knob key clockwise before pulling the door open.
  6. Please note that if you enter an incorrect passcode the safe beeps rapidly and the yellow light flashes. Entering an incorrect passcode 3 times will result in lock out.  If lock out occurs wait 15 minutes before trying your passcode again.  If this does not solve the problem, we keep an emergency override key off site.



A selection of books is provided on your bedside table.  However, if you wish a wider selection visit the library located next to the laundry.  It contains books and games that you can borrow.  There is also information on local attractions



Golden View has a large 25 m pool set in attractive gardens.  There are loungers by the pool and a number of seating areas under umbrellas.  The pool is very deep – over 9 ft at its deepest.  It is open from 6am – 10pm.  All children under 12 years old should be supervised.



Next to the pool is a very popular Chinese Restaurant and takeaway (the Good Choice Restaurant).  A menu for the restaurant is included in the handbook.   It also operates as a limited bar during the day



The apartment has a non- smoking policy.  Please do not smoke in the apartment or communal areas.  Smoking is permitted in the garden but make sure that you dispose of cigarettes in the receptacles provided.

When in the pool area do not use glasses or glass bottles.  There are plastic glasses in the apartment which you can take to the pool but please make sure you return them to the apartment. The pool is very deep (over 9 ft at the deep end) and there is no lifeguard.  Please take care if you are not a strong swimmer and keep all children supervised.

There are permanent residents in the block, some of whom are elderly.  Please don’t make excessive noise particularly at night.

Please do not hang clothes or towels over the balcony.



We would appreciate it if you could vacate the apartment at 10 am on the day of your departure to allow us to get it ready for the next guest.  Please remember to leave the keys at the reception desk.  If we have no one arriving on the day of your departure we will let you know and you will be welcome to use the apartment until you leave for the airport.


If you have any problems or issues please free to contact us at mrkimpenfold@gmail.com or sandy.penfold@me.com
You can telephone us on 433 8325 or 236 6889